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  • Bailey's Coffee Service gourmet coffee blends bring you only the freshest roasted and highest quality coffee products available on the market.

  • Our Bailey's special gourmet coffee blends are roasted in smaller batches to ensure premium quality in your cup.

  • Our Perfect Portion packaging keeps your stock fresh and makes a perfect pot at every brewing.

  • Our delivery staff will provide a pantry inventory and rotate any existing stock on each visit.
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Baileys's Private Reserve

Bailey's Private Reserve
Gourmet Blend

Our own unique selection of Colombian, Guatemalan, and other strictly high-altitude grown, mild flavored beans are used in this exceptional everyday use blend.

Before we put our name on this coffee we make sure it offers a bold character in the cup and exceptionally smooth taste on the palate.
(Available decaffeinated)

Our most requested Bailey's coffee roast!

Bailey's Brazil Bourbon

Brazil Bourbon

Brazil is the largest supplier of coffees in the world. Bourbon is acknowledged to be the absolute best Brazilian coffee due to its good balance and lightly sweet flavor.

Interestingly, "Bourbon" is the name of a Brazilian coffee tree variety (and bears no reference to the traditional American product made from corn!)

Bailey's 100% Colombian

100% Colombian

The highest quality and best coffee comes from Coffea Arabica trees. These are the only trees cultivated in Colombia. The Coffea Arabica has several varieties of trees that grow in different climates and regions. The Coffea Arabica varieties found in Colombia are typically, Comun, Bourbon, Caturra, Colombia and Maragogipe.

Bailey's works diligently with our roaster to offer a premium high mountain blend that provides a pleasant balance of classic coffee flavor, smooth body, and full aroma.
(Available decaffeinated)

Bailey's French Roast
French Roast

Bailey's French Roast is not for the timid. It takes the hardiest of Latin American beans to withstand our darkest roast – An intensity that would burn lower quality beans. And it takes an adventurous palate to appreciate our French Roast’s blunt, smoky flavors that result from the intensity of the roasting process.

Although our French Roast is a bold, powerful blend, it has only a slight residual acidity and a light body.

Bailey's Finest of Colombia
F.O.C. Blend "Finest of Colombia"

An office favorite for many years, this popular Colombian blended coffee has a mild flavor and pleasant taste. Strictly Colombian coffee roasted with select Colombian beans offers a rich balanced aroma with a slightly nutty finish. A great tasting smooth palate, yet exceptionally rich cup of coffee.

Our most classic coffee with a hint of caramel on the nose, a balanced body, and traditional coffee flavor.

Bailey's Kona Blend

Hawaiian Kona Blend

Kona coffee is the only coffee grown in the United States. Kona is a very flavorful, full-bodied coffee with a mellow character. Kona coffee is grown on the slopes of an active volcano: Mauna Loa in the Kona district on the Island of Hawaii.

Our Hawaiian Kona Blend is a special roast of smooth aromatic Kona and richly flavored high altitude Colombian coffees.

Bailey's  Euro Dark Roast

Euro Dark Roast Blend

The bold aroma of our original Euro Dark Roast Blend will awaken your senses as you indulge in the full-bodied nose, yet smooth flavor. Roasted to a perfectly deep, dark color, this is the fine blend we love to share with friends.

Great tasting cup of coffee with a bit more pizzazz and a heartier soul than our regular Bailey's Gourmet Blend.

Bailey's Gourmet Coffee

Bailey's Gourmet Coffee

(Our Flavored Coffee Assortment)

An assortment of eight different flavors in one box. Three packages each of:

1. French Vanilla • We add the delightful flavor of French Vanilla to our select 100% Arabica gourmet coffee blend. This flavored coffee selection is great for after a meal.

2. Hazelnut & Créme • Our special Hazelnut flavoring coupled with a hint of heavy cream makes this coffee rich and satisfying for any occasion.

3. Amaretto • Celebrating the rich traditions of Italy, we have captured the essence of this quintessential cordial with a perfect combination of gourmet coffee and almond flavoring.

4. Irish Créme • This special blend of coffee beans is flavored with Irish cream and chocolate for quite a special treat!

5. Vanilla Nut • This coffee is the perfect treat for any time of day. We have combined creamy vanilla flavorings with a hint of toasted almonds to perfectly complement our gourmet coffee blend.

6. Swiss Chocolate Almond • The marriage of rich Swiss chocolate and toasted almond flavorings with our gourmet coffee beans is an indulgence not to be missed

7. Chocolate Raspberry • The flavor of semi-sweet baker's chocolate and tart raspberry combined with our gourmet coffee provides a complex sensory experience. Bon appetit!

8. Streusel Cake • Reminiscent of Sunday dinner at Grandma's! A rich full-bodied Arabica coffee with hints of fresh Apple on the nose and a finish of flaky crust on the palate. A "Must Have" for the holiday season!

(Most gourmet flavors available decaffeinated)

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