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Single Serve On-Demand Brewers

Eliminate Product Waste!

Brew A FRESH Cup Of Coffee Or Tea On Demand!!

Bunn MCP

Our Bunn single serve pod brewing system features:

  • Delivery of a perfect 8 oz. cup of coffee or tea each time.

  • Brews 1 cup in approximately 30 seconds.

  • Extracts optimal flavors and aromas from pre-portioned coffee pods.

  • An energy-saver mode during idle periods.

  • Eliminates waste by brewing one cup at a time on demand.


Grindmaster OPOD

PrecisionBrew™ - Innovative precision pod brewing and infusion technology provides the ideal cup every time. Open-Pod System accepts a variety of pod brands and sizes.

BrewControl™ - Adjustable brew strength control allows users to fine tune their flavor preferences. Smartstop Automatic Water Shutoff-Water shuts off when pod drawer is open. Programmable cup size - Control the volume of beverage dispensed into the cup. Stylish, high performance design.

Dual water system brewer can be plumbed into a water line or manually filled. Great for coffee and tea.


Keurig B2003

The Keurig Brewing System allows coffee lovers to choose their favorite variety of coffee or tea and brew a single cup exactly to their taste in less than 60 seconds! Combining fresh "coffee house" taste for your office with the convenience of brewing one cup at a time, without the cleanup.

Inside the B2003 brewer:

  • K-cup is pierced at top and bottom
  • Air pump controls hot water dispensing
  • Air purge completes brew cycle in just 30 seconds
  • Direct line water plumbing — no need to fill
  • Used K-cups ejected automatically
  • Brews unlimited cups without refilling
  • 16" High x 19" Deep x 10" Wide

Ideal for offices with more than 30 employees.


High Traffic / High Capacity
Multi-Product Machines



Colibri LX

Bailey's Coffee Service is proud to present the Colibri LX, a fully automatic table top coffee machine with 150 cups in a space of less than 16" x 20".

Now even moderate traffic locations can enjoy the experience of real, fresh ground coffee and other hot drinks. From a wonderfully whipped cup of hot chocolate to a decadently smooth frothy cappuccino, the Colibri will satisfy your thirst for drinks of the highest quality.


  • Built in bean grinder for fresh coffee or espresso every time
  • Automatic Wash Cycle
  • Stainless Steel coffee filters
  • Compact Size
  • Live Display Bean Hopper

    5 Dry Product Canisters:

  • Coffee Beans
  • Loose Ground Decaf
  • Powdered Milk
  • French Vanilla
  • Hot Chocolate

    Beverage Choice Selection:

  • Black Coffee
  • Coffee with Milk
  • Cappuccino
  • Cafe Mocha
  • French Vanilla
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Hot Chocolate with Milk


Cafe' System 7

Superior finished product quality make the Cafe' System 7 one of the best value table-top, hot beverage dispensers we offer.

Up to seven product selections including two fresh brewed coffees, blended regular/decaf coffee, espresso, Mochaspresso™, hot chocolate, and hot water. If desired, teas, international coffees and other water soluble products may be used in in place of the chocolate selection.

By replacing the decaf selection with a water soluble product canister, two international coffees can be offered. By replacing the decaf selection with the new Whitener option, favorites such as Caffe latte, Caffee Mocha,
and fresh-brew Cappuccino are possible.

Very well suited for high-traffic office environments, hospitals, professional firms, and all places where employee or customer relations are important.

Bailey's Coffee Service will help you determine the most efficient machinery necessary to meet your typical beverage demands. Model design and color is subject to change.

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