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Tap water that is great tasting and healthful is becoming increasingly rare these days. When it is contaminated, it can effect the taste of almost everything you cook, eat and drink.

Filtration systems and drinking water systems are designed to combat the unpleasant taste of municipal water while filtering out harmful impurities and contaminants such as lead, dirt, chlorine taste and odor.

Our "Bottleless Water Cooler" filtration systems can provide your office with an unlimited supply of fresh clean drinking water.

Let us take the fear out of installation at your location. Our skilled team will deliver and conveniently install your purifying water filter almost anywhere in your office. Bailey's technicians can also plumb our premium water filters directly to your ice maker, coffee brewer or hot water tap.

Our cost saving water filters reduce unpleasant taste and odors, reduce scale build-up and reduce abrasion causing sediment.

Applications typically include: Fountain Service, ice machines, coffee and espresso brewers, food preparation equipment, drinking water.


With Bailey's Coffee Service Filtered Water
Your Coffee, Tea, Soup And Drinking Water
Will Taste Better Than Ever Before!

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