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Drinking Water Coolers & Heaters

The Pinnacle Of Natural Refreshment!

Taste The Difference Of Bailey's Mt. Katahdin Spring Water!


Cold & Hot Water At Your Fingertips!

Bailey's Coffee Service delivers crystal clear water at work with either our bottled Mt. Katahdin Spring Water© or bottleless point-of-use coolers.

Bailey's classic water coolers are available in either round or square designs. Our coolers only occupy approximately one square foot of floor space and with the optional cooler mounted cup dispenser, you'll always have natural refreshment close at hand.

Bailey's bottle water coolers are also feature the "No Spill" waterguard feature so you don't even have to take the cap off the Mt. Katahdin Spring Water© bottle!

Room Temp & Cold Water Cooler

The great American classic!

Ice cold water service and a separate room temperature tap for those sensitive to cold beverages.

The room temp water tap is ideal for cooking water use too!

Hot & Cold Water Cooler

Perfect for your office or break room, the hot and cold water service is the pinnacle of convenient, instant refreshment.

The cold tap yields icy cold Mt. Katahdin Spring Water© to quench your thirst and the instant hot water is perfect for a quick cup of hot chocolate, tea or instant soup.

Room Temperature Water Dispenser

This bottled water dispenser features the great look and convenience of a traditional water cooler but in a non-refrigerated system. This unit is ideal in situations where you may prefer room temperature Mt. Katahdin Spring Water©.

Many people have sensitive teeth or gums and need to avoid cold beverages. Also this unit is perfect for areas where an electrical outlet is not available.

Point-of-Use Drinking Water Systems

Enjoy an endless and dependable supply of crystal-clear, great tasting drinking water to keep all your employees and guests hydrated.

Our leading edge filtration system improves the taste and odor of your drinking water. It also makes better tasting coffee, tea, and other drinks.

  • No heavy bottles to lift or store
  • Converted Bottled Water Cooler Style
  • Cold & Room Temperature OR Cold & Hot Water
  • Child-proof safety feature for hot water outlet

Bottleless Filter Coolers

Ensure that your employees are getting the best in filtered water! Bottleless filter coolers provide your office with an unlimited supply of fresh clean drinking water.

Let us take the fear out installation! Our skilled team will deliver and conveniently install your filter cooler almost anywhere in your office.

Bailey's filter coolers have all the convenient features of a water cooler and are available in several of different styles.

Bailey's Coffee Service will help you determine the most efficient machinery necessary to meet your typical beverage demands. Model design and color is subject to change.

With Bailey's Mt. Katahdin Spring Water©
Your Coffee, Tea, Soup And Drinking Water
Will Taste Better Than Ever Before!


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